Some old work at Goucher College


The Sporting Life, an old series of photomontages made their debut at Goucher College last month for the exhibit titled: Virilit-HE, which explored various aspects of masculinity. The diverse works focused on male identity-from lessons learned in youth to stereotypical male traits and the desire to buck against them.


DASH Magazine


I recently made this collage for London-based fashion magazine DASH. It was recently published in their Spring/Summer 2013 issue: Excess in Minimalism. The spread was about cork fashion trends.

New Solo Exhibition

I have a new Solo Exhibition coming up next month. I will be showing some new, so I’m very excited about this. There’s also a Facebook Event for the artist’s reception.

New Prints for Sale

I’m selling new prints on Society6, which is a site that prints and ships art prints for artists. Its a way of getting art prints to a larger audience and much more cost-effective for me. These are the only ones up now, but I’ll slowly build the store with more items. So be sure to check back often.

I’m also trying to sell Ganesh Lagerfeld, the installation pieces I used for my thesis show. Jarrett keeps telling me to sell it on Etsy, so we’ll see. Thing is, I would have to sell each piece for $500 to just break even from what I spent to make them. They’re just collecting dust right now so maybe I should just try and get rid of them, who knows. Anyway, I’ve also just finished a slight re-design of the website. Working and being a productive member of society is taking it’s toll, but I found some time to do this at least. More to come soon, I’m sure.

Clash of the Titans

Finished the animations for the thesis show the other day. The exhibition is finally up so I’m posting the final videos, which I’ve been working on for some time now. I’m calling the exhibition Clash of the Titans. I’ll be posting images from the show soon.